Bitcoin Trading Insight: ETF Approval and the “Sell-the-News” Dynamic

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3 min readJan 17, 2024



The approval of spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. has been a highly anticipated event in the cryptocurrency market. Many investors and traders have been eagerly awaiting this development, as it is expected to have a significant impact on Bitcoin’s price. However, there are also concerns about a potential “sell-the-news” dynamic, where the market may react negatively to the news of the ETF approval.

One of the main reasons for the anticipation surrounding the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs is the potential influx of institutional investors into the market. The approval of these ETFs would provide institutional investors with an easy and regulated way to gain exposure to Bitcoin, which could lead to increased demand for the cryptocurrency. This increased demand could drive up Bitcoin’s price, as more investors seek to buy and hold the asset.

Price Fluctuations:

Following the approval, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a swift pullback to $41,500, rebounding from its two-year high of over $49,000. Analysts, including those from Japan-based crypto exchange bitBank, noted that the approval was well-priced into the market, signaling a potential short- to mid-term peak for Bitcoin’s price.

However, there is also a concern that the market may experience a “sell-the-news dynamic once the ETFs are approved. This refers to a situation where traders sell their holdings after a highly anticipated event has occurred, causing a temporary drop in price. This dynamic is often driven by profit-taking and can result in short-term price volatility.

To explain better- Short-Term Vulnerability: As stated above, despite the pullback, analysts are cautious about Bitcoin’s short-term prospects, citing potential profit-taking pressures. bitBank identifies the $40,000 psychological level as a crucial support for Bitcoin in the near term, while 10x Research suggests potential support at $38,000.

It is important to note that the impact of the ETF approval on Bitcoin’s price will ultimately depend on various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, and overall market conditions. While the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs is seen as a positive development for the cryptocurrency market, it is still uncertain how exactly it will affect Bitcoin’s price in the short and long term.

Henry Robinson, founder at crypto fund Decimal Digital Group, anticipates these launches to attract investments from pensions, endowments, insurance companies, sovereign wealth, retirement plans, trusts, and more.

Self-Custody vs. ETFs:

While the excitement around ETF launches is palpable, some experts, including Robinson, express skepticism about their long-term advantages. They argue that for long-term holders, ETF fees may significantly impact positions. Over time, as Bitcoin adoption rises and self-custody becomes more prevalent among institutions, demand for ETFs may dwindle.


Overall, the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. is a significant market event that has generated both excitement and caution among investors. It remains to be seen how this development will unfold and what impact it will have on Bitcoin’s price. Traders and investors should closely monitor market trends and be prepared for potential fluctuations in price as the news of the ETF approval unfolds.

Bitcoin ETFs are expected to transform the crypto industry by providing broader access to traditional wealth management.