Newsletter Volume 15

Article 1 — The Market This Week

The cryptocurrency market has been a hot topic lately as investors continue to speculate on the future of Bitcoin. Despite a sudden retreat late on Thursday, the past week has seen Bitcoin experience a surge of almost 13%. This has been interpreted as a sign of optimism from investors, although the market still faces a number of macroeconomic concerns.

Article 2 — Weekly Review of IC15

The cryptocurrency market has recently experienced a significant increase, but it has since shown signs of decline. The IC15 Index used to measure the performance of the cryptocurrency market, dropped by 1042 points to reach 33,878. While a few cryptocurrencies, such as Polygon and Polkadot, moved positively, increasing by 1–4%, others like Solana, Shiba Inu, Tron, and Avalanche experienced losses of 4–6%. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is estimated to be $1.087 trillion.

Article 3 — Battle of Bull and Bear

The cryptocurrency market witnessed some uncertainty recently, with fluctuating prices and mixed opinions among experts. Darius Tabatabai, the co-founder of Vertex Protocol, expressed optimism earlier in the week, stating that the market could be experiencing the beginnings of another bull market. However, just a day later, bitcoin plummeted by over $1,000 in a few hours due to several factors, including hawkish comments from Federal Reserve officials, an SEC lawsuit against Do Kwon, a co-founder of Terraform Labs who has faced controversy, and a disappointing wholesale prices report.

Article 4 — Weekly Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on Camelot, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Arbitrum network, which has experienced significant growth since its launch in late 2022. The daily trading volume on the exchange has increased by 369% since the first day of February, reaching $18 million at the time of writing. The price of GRAIL, Camelot’s native token, has also risen by 520% this month, currently trading at $2,833.47, according to CoinGecko. In the past day, the number of users and transactions on Camelot has grown more than 120%, as reported by blockchain analytics firm Nansen.



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